Amy Flaherty
Bad Posture Embroidery ControlFlex Sensor Test
Posture Project (work in Progress)
For this project, I am building a posture sensing wearable to compare how it effects my art. Over the past few months I have developed upper back and neck problems. After going to doctors and physical therapy, I learned that this problem is caused or exacerbated by leaning over art. I hurt my neck for example after completing my Journal Project when I made hundreds of books and boxes using an exacto knife.
My goal for this project is to create a set of diptychs with one side using the “posture sensing wearable” and the other without any constraints. I will investigate how this will affect my health or my painting. Ultimately, I wish to draw parallels between the catharsis of art in healing emotional pain with that of physical pain (which is more tangible). Why would a person become an artist when it is hurting them physically? Alright, more artist statement stuff later. I will be posting the progress of this project gradually because it's going to take a while for me to figure all this stuff out. On to research.